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Fred Aidroos is an award-winning Director and Producer. He has 20 years experience of making high quality factual and drama programmes for many international broadcasters.

Working mainly in the specialist factual genre, he has formatted, structured and stylised many well known series and led large, logistically complex multi-camera, multi-unit productions around the world.

Fred has extensive experience of filming adventure activities in remote and extreme global locations. He specialises in time-lapse photography and is a professionally qualified Divemaster and experienced underwater cameraman. He also has an engineering degree and is First Aid certified.

Fred's extensive credits include BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the U.K., and Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, CBS, Paramount, The Travel Channel and HGTV internationally.

Please use this site to see Fred's CV, view his Director's showreels and also to access the TWO STOPS TO BANK mini-site, a short film Fred wrote, produced and directed.